Milica Mihaljević

Milica Mihaljević is a scientific advisor with a permanent title and  the head of the Croatian Standard Languege Department at the Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics. She is also the head of the Croatian Linguistic Nomenclature and co-head of Relligious spelling and orthography and Masculine and feminine in the Croatian languge projects. Her primary scientific interests revolve around the Croatian standard language, terminology, normativism, lexicology and lexicography and applied linguistics. She has taught at Croatian Studies, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Teacher Education and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. She has received several state award for her contributions. She is the author and co-author of numerous books and scientific papers. Additonionally, she has participated in various domestic and international projects such as Small school spelling and orthography, Support to Curricular reform in Croatia – phase 4, and the Terminographic Databes TERM_IN: Slavic Terminography