Faculty of Education

Teaching and research devoted to education of outstanding teachers

The Faculty of Education traces its roots back to 1893 when the first Teacher Training School was founded in Osijek. Since then education studies have grown and evolved with the foundation of the Teacher Academy in 1961, the introduction of Preschool Education Studies in 1972, the foundation of Teacher Training College in 1998 and finally the foundation of the Faculty of Teacher Education in 2005. In 2014 the Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Education, creating new opportunities for our students through the development of various new programmes in preschool and early age education.

The Faculty currently offers Integrated undergraduate and graduate Class teacher studies and Undergraduate and graduate studies of Early and preschool education. In the academic year 2020/21. the first generation of students was enrolled in the Postgraduate specialist studies Management in educational institutions and in the Postgraduate university (doctoral) studies Educational sciences and perspectives of education. It also offers the Lifelong Learning Programme for Initial Teacher Training, the Training Programme for Special Needs Teaching Assistants in Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as the Training Programme for Developmental Difficulties and Disabled Persons Teaching Assistants.

Underlying all programs is a dedication to modern educational practices, welcoming initiative in learning and the development of skills, and seeking excellence in all aspects of education and research on a local, national and international level.