Instructions for authors

Manuscripts are to be submitted to no later than October 31st, 2021. Up to September 15th, 2021, the papers may be uploaded to, as it was specified in the Conference Call.

The length of the paper is not limited.

The font should be Times New Roman, letter size 12, line spacing 1,5. Letter size for notes should be 10, and line spacing single. Pages should be numbered.

Papers that include images (photos, graphs, tables) should be sent, apart from the standard format, also in pdf format in order to avoid unwanted text changes. The letter type used should be sent for papers that include special symbols. All drawings and images should also be sent as separate documents.

The text should include:

HEADING – author(s) information: name, academic title, affiliation, e-mail 



BODY (numbered titles and subtitles)





Names of books, scientific and literary works and journals should be written in italics.

Examples from sources and materials should also be in italics.

Quotations in the text should be marked by author’s name, publication year and page number, e.g.: (Brown, 2017: 75). If the author’s name is part of the text it should be outside brackets: e.g. Brown (2017: 75) explains…

If a cited publication has two or three authors, use all the surnames: e.g. (Brown, Stevenson, Hill, 2014: 12).

If a cited publication has more than three authors, use only the first surname and et al.: e.g. (Brown et al., 2015).

The list of references should include complete bibliographical information on all the publications mentioned in the paper. Publications are listed alphabetically by last name and chronologically by the publications by the same author.

For example:


Hudeček, Lana; Mihaljević, Milica, 2009. Jezik medija – publicistički funkcionalni stil. Zagreb: Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada.

Edited books:

Dulčić, Mihovil, ur. 1997. Govorimo hrvatski. Zagreb: Hrvatski radio, Naklada NAPRIJED

d. d.

Articles in books and conference proceedings:

Katičić, Radoslav, 1999. Načela standardnosti hrvatskoga jezika, u: Norme i normiranje hrvatskoga standardnoga jezika. Zagreb: Matica hrvatska, str. 295-307.

Articles in journals:

Mihaljević, Milica; Kovačević, Barbara, 2006. Frazemi kroz funkcionalne stilove. Jezik. 53/1: 1-15.

Online articles:

Žigo, Lada, 2009. Čitaju li časopise samo fanatici. (pristupljeno 19. 4. 2009.)